PPP Loan Forgiveness in Holding Pattern

For business owners who attained PPP Loans from the SBA following the CARES (Corona Virus Relief) Act of March 2020, there remains a lot of uncertainty surrounding loan forgiveness.  There are two major gray areas surrounding loan forgiveness:

  • Forgiven PPP loans are not considered taxable income, but IRS Notice 2020-32 declared that no expenses paid with forgiven PPP loan proceeds will be deductible.  There is a possibility that Congress may yet act to make such expenses deductible as was their initial intent.
  • There is also a possibility that Congress will act to provide blanket forgiveness of PPP loans up to $150,000.  Blanket forgiveness would be much simpler for business owners as far less documentation would be required.

Dublin Advisors CPA recommends that business owners, especially those with PPP loans under $150,000, should wait to see if either or both of these issues will be cleared up by further Congressional action before year-end.  Many lenders are making the same recommendation and have not yet distributed forgiveness applications to their borrowers.  Note that there is no defined deadline for PPP borrowers to submit a forgiveness application, but borrower payments will be required 10 months after the end of the covered payroll period.

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